Vitamin-D3 Gold™ (5,000 IU)

Vitamin D is an essential nutrient that helps build and maintain strong bones and teeth. It helps the body to absorb calcium (one of bone's main building blocks) from food and supplements. People who get too little Vitamin D may be at increased risk of developing issues with bone mineral density.

Health Benefits of Vitamin D3
- Supports calcium absorption in the gut
- Essential for bone health
- Supports healthy immune function
- Supports prostate health
- Supports breast health
- Supports prenatal health
- Supports heart health
- Supports cognitive health in older adults
- Supports healthy muscle movement

The Vitamin D3 Gold™ Advantage
- Features a premium, high-quality source of Vitamin D3 (as Cholecalciferol from Lanolin)
- Features Vitamin D3 (as Cholecalciferol), which is bio-identical to the Vitamin D produced by the skin
- Complies with United States Pharmacopeia standards for purity, potency, and structure
- Formulated with Organic Olive Oil for enhanced absorption
- Formulated without the use of GMOs, additives, fillers, binders, artificial ingredients, preservatives, Stearates, Sulfates, Laurates, and Dioxides
- Verified free of allergens by an independent, third-party lab
- Verified free of GMOs by an independent, third-party lab specializing in GMO testing
- 5,000 IU per softgel / 1 softgel a day / 360 softgels per bottle
- Manufactured to stringent cGMP standards in the USA

*Vitamin D3 Gold™ Key Health Benefit: Essential nutrient for healthy bones and teeth